A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You're a cool cloud.
Your goal is to create trees, make nature real nice and green. 
You grow trees by pouring rain. Cuz you're a cloud.

You can eat smaller clouds, which makes you bigger.
Which makes you rain harder. That's good.
But it also makes it harder for you to avoid huge clouds.
Which eat you up. That's bad.

There's factories. Trees don't grow around factories.
That area, where trees die, slowly grows. 
You can destroy the factories, by eating their electo-clouds. 
But that creates forest fires. Which spread. Obviously very bad.

Your goal is to make most of the world green.
By growing a sweet ass forest.


programming https://blade.sk & http://zd3n.com
art https://www.instagram.com/someosem
game design I guess? https://yablko.sk
music "Hey Emil" https://soundcloud.com/emilee

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Cloud Strafe 1.02 (Windows) 28 MB
Cloud Strafe 1.02 (Mac) 29 MB

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